The Tsar tank seems to be extremely vulnerable to artillery fire and is undoubtably the easiest boss in Toy Soldiers, taking less than 10 shells to destroy it in casual.The best strategy is to sell any units taking up a "big guns" position and replace them with fully upgraded howitzers. It's also important that you monitor your howitzers frequently and turn their aim whenever the Tsar tank moves out of range which occurs very often. It's also important to make sure you don't sell your anti-infantry since the Tsar tank constantly deploys enemy soldiers in battle, however the soldiers only come in numbers around 20 to 30 so the only true defense needed is a single gas turret right in front of the Toy box. Another less significant idea is to sell whatever turret you have on the very right placement because the Tsar tank will crush and destroy any unit there.


  • TsarTank-1-

    The real life Tsar Tank

    The Tsar tank was a real vehicle created by the Russian army in 1914 that was built with a tricycle design to make it easier to maneuver However, the test runs proved it to be under-powered and vulnerable to artillery fire leading it to be abandoned in 1915 at the testing site until 1923 when it was taken apart for scrap.
  • Early in Toy Soldiers release there was a Tsar tank prop purchasable in the Avatar marketplace. It would drive around and interact with your Xbox avatar but was removed later on.