Robo Bob is a robot action figure distributed by Signal Toys as a part of their intergalactic toy line. Robo Bob is battery operated and comes with 5 different battle actions and is the final boss in the DLC campaign Invasion!


Robo Bob first appears wrapped in his box in the middle of the city scape in the final level of Invasion! But when it comes time to battle he breaks out through the top of the box using his rocket feet and lays waste to the city. He is a little less than a foot tall and is brightly colored with flashing eyes and buttons all over him. He comes with five different battle actions which include a variety of lazers and blasters. Robo Bob's design seems to be no more than that of a large tin toy robot sharing many similar features such as it's boxy design, sliding foot movement, and looped body movement. Upon destroying him the achievment Mr. Roboto is awarded to your player.



  • Robo Bob is also encountered in the first level of Invasion! but only in box form.
  • Robo Bob is the second boss in Toy Soldiers to be fought in 3 segments.