Ranks are trophy grades used to show how much health your toy box had at the end of each level displayed as a military rank such as private, Sergeant, or general. There are a total of 5 ranks, General, Colonel, Captain, Sergeant, and Private, . Your rank for each level is displayed on the leaderboard stats and plays a key role in determining your high score for that level. The rank displayed for a level is not the one earned from your most previous match but the highest rank you have earned out of every playthrough in that level. For example: if my highest rank on Polygon Woods was lieutenant and i just made a sergeant on my previous match then it will remain as lieutenant, but if i earned colonel on my previous match it would change to colonel since that is now my highest rank made.

Ranks: Casual

General: 30

Colonel: 28, 29

Captain: 21-27



Each rank increases your high score by 25,000 pts. in Casual.

Ranks: Normal

General: 20

Colonel: 19

Captain: 11-18

Sergeant: 8-10

Private: 1-7

Each rank increases your high score by 50,000 pts. in Normal.

Ranks: Hard

General: 15

Colonel: 14

Captain: 9-13

Sergeant: 8

Private: 1-4

Each rank increases your high score by 100,000 pts. in Hard.

Ranks: Elite

General: 40

Colonel: 35-39



Private: 1-7

Each rank increases your high score by 50,000 pts. in Elite.


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