Tier 1 Vickers Machine Gun Edit


Price: $500

Sell Price: $250

Repair Price: $100

"Give Fritz a run for his money with this foolproof anti-infantry gun. Even your mum could fire it."

Vital anti-infantry weapon. Ineffective against armor.

Tier 2 37mm mle Machine Gun Edit


Upgrade Price: $700

Sell Price: $600

Repair Price: $200

"Tough to say which is more painful: being shot by the 37mm or having to cart it away after the battle."

Faster firing with bigger bullets. Effective against cavalry.

Tier 3 Mark II Edit


Upgrade Price: $800

Sell Price: $1000

Repair Price: $300

"It's quick firing rate means beaucoup bullets in your enemy's face."

Explosive crowd control. Light vehicle damage.

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