Tier 1 Pom-Pom Edit


Price: $500

Sell Price: $250

Repair Price: $100

"Called the 'Doorknocker' by soldiers who find that its only real use is to alert the enemy of their presence."

Effective against enemy air units.

Tier 2 The Seventy-Five Edit


Upgrade Price: $800

Sell Price: $650

Repair Price: $200

"Sacre bleu! The French-manufactured Seventy-Five is a fantastic piece of ack-ack."

Greater range and damage.

Tier 3 Old Quick Flak Edit


Upgrade Price: $1200

Sell Price: $1250

Repair Price: $300

"The ultimate in anti-aircraft. Swat enemy planes outta the sky with Archie from the Old QF."

Flak. Impenetrable skies.

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